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Meet Louis Ceaser IV, The Trusted Voice for 2D storytelling

Hi, my name is Louis Ceaser IV

I am The Trusted Voice for storytelling in 2D animation. 

A little about me, I am from the Bay area here in California.  I work in tech sales at Cisco. Outside of the 9-5, I am a career story strategist. I embrace and love working with people to better amplify their voices and tell their stories.

How do you help your volks?

(Volks is a German word to describe people, and it’s part of The 7Vs Framework)

I help people create animated mini-documentaries like the one below. Life legacy stories worth sharing. 

An origin story starts with the interview process. I walk them through their life stages, starting from the beginning all the way up to where they are now. My goal is to open them up and allow them to be vulnerable, with my questioning, to share their story along with their ups and downs. Through adversity is where I think we really connect as human beings. So getting them to tell their story in a way that maybe they never thought possible or never had an opportunity to tell it is the end goal. 

Why do you love telling origin stories? 

I think it starts with my purpose in life, to me this is about servant leadership. So I am always thinking about legacy and what you leave behind for the world. What’s your gift? So that’s something that invigorates me, to be able to positively impact people and I think storytelling is the way to do that.

What’s the main challenge volks face when telling their personal story? 

Most people that I work with do not feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing the adversities that they had to overcome. I believe it is because they are afraid that being vulnerable at the time they were climbing the ladder for success would hold them back. 

Still, I have a way of connecting with others that allows them to open up and be vulnerable. I jump on Zoom with them and ask them questions. After the interview process, I organize their story into evocative chapters about their life that focuses on key milestones.

We’re focusing on “V for Voice” – what are your 3 top tips for telling personal and authentic stories?


1️⃣ First Voice Tip: Start With Your Community

Start with usually talking about your community, where you started from your family dynamics. These are the places and the experiences that usually shaped who you are as a person, your values.

2️⃣Second Voice Tip: Your Career Successes

Next, it’s going to be talking about your first career successes or experiences. Adding to that, talk about the challenges and adversities that you faced, things that you haven’t overcome, both personally and professionally.

3️⃣ Third Voice Tip: Lessons Learned

Lastly, end on lessons learned. Share key insights and takeaways with your audience. 

Where can volks find you to connect and visual-talk with you? 

Find me on my LinkedIn – I’m part of TTV28 Challenge and creating daily content on storytelling.

Website: in working-progress

Below is my portfolio of work. If you like your own animated mini-documentary. Reach out to me. 

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