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Meet TTV Volk, Cindy Liang

Meet Cindy Liang, The Trusted Voice for Strategic Presentation Design

Hi my name is Cindy Liang.
I am The Trusted Voice for Strategic Presentation Design.

Who are your volks? 

(V for Volks, it’s a German word to describe people) 

They are mostly founders or ecopreneurs. So people who have a product that promotes sustainability or the circular economy, which is basically trying to eliminate waste and prolong the use of resources. Those are my people.

How do you help your volks? 

My people want to win funds and I help them with that.

The problems that my people usually face is a lack of funding. I help them design a pitch or presentation deck, not just visual design, but I also make sure to bring their ideas to life, in turn helping them win some money. 

Other than that I also make sure that they have their branding in place, like their logo or website. 

How long have you been doing visual branding? 

I was really into design and then just kind of followed my gut feeling. I studied art ever since I was young, I thought I was going to be an illustrator. Then I went to a famous art school, studying there I realized I wasn’t that great of an illustrator. But I fell in love with typography, and then I switched to become a communication designer. It’s been 7 years since I started on the path of design, and I love helping founders and ecopreneurs help grow their business with strategic visual design. 

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At The Trusted Voice, we have a “V for Visuals” – what are your 3 top tips for brand visuals? 

1️⃣ First Visual Tip: They need to invest in a designer with a really good sense of typography. 

A great type makes a really big difference on showing expertise in the field. It allows for other professionals to know that your sense of hierarchy is off, and that’s super important in packaging. Even on social media, especially in presentation design, they need to have a strong sense of designing for information, because there are tons of numbers and charts and how do you display that in a way so that your investor knows what you’re talking about. 

2️⃣ Second Visual Tip: Invest in stock photography that doesn’t feel like stock. 

In the early 2000s the stock photography was exaggerated face expressions or a guy in a suit and a laptop. That look is just too outdated. These days, many people are putting together presentations with those stock photographs, and if they were more selective with the stock photos, their presentations will go up in value. Find stock photos that are more natural in their poses and more lifestyle-based, it would elevate your brand.

3️⃣ Third Visual Tip: Brand colours 

Don’t underestimate a good color palette that aligns with your brand mission and who you want to speak to. I think that color theory, in general, is very underrated. So to really know your persona, and who you want to attract, your color palette can really help you.

What are 3 common visual mistakes to look out for?

❌ Not investing in brand strategy first.
This is to develop your brand’s personality, because then that will affect everything else that comes with it. 

❌ The second one is hiring a designer to do it all.
People assume that if you hire one designer, they must be really good at everything, and that’s simply not true. I think all designers have their own unique strength and style, and if they have a strong strategy in place, they will have a clear goal. So this way, they’ll know what kind of designer to aim for. 

❌ The third mistake, there’s too much text on a presentation design.
Too much text is just too much. Avoid cramming all your ideas into a page. A good rule of thumb is one idea, one page. A good presentation focuses on “presenting an idea” and allows you to be the best communicator or storyteller. 


Where can volks find you?

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