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Meet Suzette West, The Trusted Voice for Heart-Conscious Leadership

Hi, my name is Suzette West

I am the Trusted Voice for Heart-Conscious Leadership

How has The Trusted Voice helped you grow your business

Being a part of The Trusted Voice Community gave me the encouragement to embrace my uniqueness – that was the key to realising my full potential in what I’m here to do in the world. Instead of trying to be every other leadership coach, I can be my unique self. I dance, sing and ride a motorcycle.

What is Heart-Conscious Leadership?

It is the leadership that is informed by heart intelligence. I have been intuitively and guided for most of my life. However, because our heart and mind were not connected for most of our life, we don’t listen to our intuition. This leadership style is guided by aligning our hearts and minds.

How long have you been doing Heart-Conscious Leadership?

I have been intuitive for most of my life, but because I wasn’t connected to the heart and mind at all times, I didn’t listen to it. But my biggest awakening to heart consciousness came when I had a spiritual awakening. It happened when I was 45 years old. I went deep into science and research. 

For the first 25 years of my life, I was suicidal. I hated being alive because I felt so unloved, unwanted, unlovable. It put me in a dark place for so many years. I suffered for so many years until I rewired myself –  I had to wake up through painful events that led me down the path of getting into my heart, learning about my heart, and reorienting myself to come from the inside out instead of being defined from the outside in. It was significant.

I had to rewire my brain and align it with my heart to redefine my identity.

What is a common mistake to look out for

Stop believing old stories of the mind

Stop playing the victim mentality to put the blame on something else rather than taking up the responsibility. 

Top 3 “V for Value”


1️⃣ Start with heart-focused breathing techniques

It starts with giving yourself, you know, giving yourself at least five minutes a day. You are doing heart focus, breathing exercises to strengthen that muscle of imagining the breath flowing in and out of the heart because that strengthens the muscle through visualisation, through practice.

2️⃣ Realise we’re born with inherited trauma

Not everything we suffer from is ours; a lot of it is inherited. So we have to learn to be very compassionate with ourselves and learn about self-care. Self-care is critical number two.

3️⃣ Taking personal responsibility

Knowing that we have different aspects of ourselves, we have a wounded child within ourselves. And we have to, in essence, become our inner parent; we have to get to know the different pieces that make us who we are as spirit. And within that spirit, there’s a two-year-old version of ourselves still there. There’s a five-year-old version of ourselves, I mean, anywhere that you remember a traumatic experience, and however old you were in that moment, that piece is still living in you.

Who are your Volks and how do you help them?

I am looking for sea level clients because transforming a work culture has to start from the leader. The leader sets the tone for the rest of the organization. And so that’s where I need to start.

Where can Volks find and connect with you

Find me on my LinkedIn

Head over to my podcast Awakening Leaders Podcast on Google Podcast

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