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Great LinkedIn Headline Examples For Business Owners and Jobseekers

When it comes to personal branding, your LinkedIn headline is the first and main touchpoint that showcase your “superpower” and “value proposition” – In this article, we will share your the formula and examples of what is a great headline. 

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What is a LinkedIn Headline?

A headline on LinkedIn is positioned in the section located at the top of the user’s profile, making it the most visible area to all the profile visitors. It is typically a brief description (restricted to 120 characters), which also appears side by side to the user’s name upon searching for results. With this great frequency of appearance, one must ensure that the headline entices readers to click onto the profile to know more about the user’s background and experiences. 

Why is a LinkedIn Headline Important?

To distinguish from the lot in your niche, you must customize your headline rather than utilizing the auto-generated headline provided by LinkedIn. The goal is to make a positive impression and explain what you bring to the table in a limited word capacity. 

You must tailor the headline to the interest of your audience. It must portray you as a credible member of the industry while making your position evident for potential recruiters. Additionally, it is good to integrate strategic keywords into the title, increasing your chances of appearing in LinkedIn searches. With the right headline, you will immediately notice a difference in the quantity and quality of leads your profile attracts.   

LinkedIn Headline Templates and Examples 

Different professions require different styles and variations of headlines. The key is to make them stand out according to your niche. Let’s check out some examples that would help you get a head start. Click below and check out examples for:

  1. For professionals or employees
  2. For jobseekers
  3. For experts, such as coaches and consultants
  4. For business owners and leaders
  5. For graduates students
  6. For content creators, like podcasters or social media influencers
To help you along with your headline development, we will break down and color-code them based on what they are.
  1. Job Title
  2. Number/Results 
  3. Value proposition
  4. Credibility, Social proof, or Flex
  5. Job Skill

 1. For professionals or employees 

Start your headline with your job title and then your workplace as well. Move on to adding your skills and your experience in years. Keep it short and simple. Remember the first 32 characters are important. 

For example, Ryan Zadrazil uses the following structure of [value prop] + [job title]
Raising Awareness For Mental Health And Well-Being | Account Executive @ BetterMynd

2. For job seekers

LinkedIn is an index of job titles, meaning that as a professional seeking a job, you should use the headline to showcase your skills and qualifications. A good formula to consider is “Label the job title you want to apply for” and “skills 1” “skill 2” “skills 3”.

➝ Professional B: Project / Program Manager / Customer Success Manager, Service Delivery, Certified PMP, Certified ScrumMaster.

For example, this is Kurt’s formula are all job titles that relates to his job search:
➝ Kurt Yalcin: Head of Design and Research | User Researcher | UX Designer | Design Strategist | Design Manager | Design Thinker | Design Sprint Facilitator | Moderator 

3. For experts, such as coaches or consultants

If you’re already an established person, you can start with your job title and one of your most significant achievements. You can add some of your defining qualities as well, such as ‘women empowerment speaker’ to attract like-minded people into your network. Using phrases like ‘Helping business owners attract more customers using social media marketing’ is also a great way to introduce yourself as someone who helps others reach their goals.

➝ Kerri Twigg: LinkedIn Top Voice | Author of “The Career Stories Method” | I coach creatives how to use stories to land ideal work (and figure out what ideal work even is)

➝ Adam Karpiak: Recruiter17 Years | Resume & LinkedIn Profile Reviews/Edits (All Industries) | Candidate Therapist | DMs open

➝ Karen Retardo: Heart-Centered Transformational CoachCertified Gallup Strengths CoachSpiritual Life Coach for nurse ✦ Coaching nurses on how to kiss burnout goodbye so they can enjoy what they do & live a more fulfilling life.

4. For business owners and leaders

As leaders and big business owners don’t generally need an introduction, the best way to optimize your headline is to keep it to the point. You can begin with your position along with your company or business. Add along with a certified title that you’re proud of. For example, ‘Forbes 40 under 40’ or anything that would help elevate your social status.  

➝ Cindy Liang: Brand Designer & StrategistBranding for rebellious businesses with an audacious mission to improve their industry for people & the planetPresentation Design


➝ Jeff Z: Co-Founder & Growth @ Sky Mavis

5. For graduates or students

If you’re an undergraduate or you have recently graduated, be explicit about the job you need. It’s very generic and unsuccessful to state “student” or “XYZ University Student” since employing supervisors are not looking for those terms. Instead, they’re looking for names, for example, “entry-level graphic designer.” You need to be sure you end up in indexed lists when they look for those terms.

6. For content creators or influencers

As a content creator you need to focus on a headline that includes the description of your skills and expertise. Going with a catchy phrase can be effective as well like “connecting the great minds of the world”. Moreover, you can include a short description of your achievements like “Lenovo Brand Ambassador”,  “Award winning podcaster” or “4-times LinkedIn Top Voice” etc. Share numbers of followers shows that you have an audience. 

String Nguyen: 4x LinkedIn Top Voice | Your Trusted Guide To LinkedIn + Personal Brand Marketing Lenovo ANZ Brand Ambassador.

Recap about LinkedIn Headlines

With over 750 million LinkedIn users, your profile is bound to get lost amongst the clutter. However, an optimized headline will help you appear in more searches. The greater the number of searches you appear in, the more views or visits your profile shall receive; with these views, you should be able to land more excellent opportunities and deals. This is definitely worth the effort you put into the 220-word block!

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