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5 Types of LinkedIn Content To Increase Engagement

Have you heard?
LinkedIn now has polls.
It’s a great way to engage with your audience.

There are other ways of creating engaging content.
Especially to reinforcorce you brand.

You’re likely to notice a key pattern with these posts, they are text heavy.

LinkedIn professionals are readers.
Tthey like to consume the insights in personalable and digestable manner.

Here are 5 Types of LinkedIn Content To Increase Engagement

3. Create Listicles

People love to read easy tips like 1, 2, 3.

Listicle is an informal term for a post that is made up of a series of facts, tips, quotations or examples. It’s group and organised on a particular theme. 

2. Run a venting session 

Maybe we like to complain and vent as a society. But there is always that one thing that many people can relate too. In this case it’s meetings over zoom. 

This post ended up getting 80 comments sharing their disagreements and thoughts about to how run a meeting.  
To make the most of the venting session, hit on a common sore spot. 

4. Visual PDF

Also known as “Slideshare” or carousel PDF.
This is a great way to stand out and allow your audience to download the PDF.
I find that the visual the PDF, the more engagement.
Less words the better, it’s all about the visual output.

Want more visual cues, check out The Trusted Visual Guide for LinkedIn [2021].

Ask for Support Thread

Fundmentally, LinkedIn is a network platform. It’s where people are looking for ways to meet and support people. Why not leverage off that vibes and allow your posts to be a space for new people to help and connect?

5. Run a LinkedIn poll 

LinkedIn polls are hot right now. This is a new feature and it’s a great way to generate engagement. It generates an active response and sparks converation.

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