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How To Use Hashtags on LinkedIn

The importance of LinkedIn Hashtags 

Hashtags have emerged as a social media phenomenon, especially for digital marketing.  

Today, brands create their unique hashtag to promote their products and services. Whether new or old, hashtags help gain visibility and reach thousands of people worldwide.

Furthermore, by following and engaging in hashtags, you can stay updated on the latest trends and topics. This is how we suggest you use hashtags on LinkedIn. It’s to understand what is the current and relevant topics. 

Also, by participating in these high-traffic conversations, you can create a larger audience, which exponentially increases the likelihood of fresh leads for your business. 

What is LinkedIn Hashtag?

LinkedIn introduced hashtags in 2018, serving the purpose of helping its users discover relevant topics of interest, and it also allows them to engage with them. 

LinkedIn hashtag provides the opportunity to connect with other members to expand one’s network. These hashtags start with the # symbol and are typically followed by a topic.

You can use hashtags as part of the campaign or develop your brand. String uses #stringtheory to help build her brand identity online. 

Watch the video below as String (3x LinkedIn’s Top Voice) shares how to use hashtags on LinkedIn. 

In this article, we share how it works and the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn hashtags.

How does LinkedIn Hashtags work?

Hashtags on LinkedIn can be well accumulated within posts/updates and articles in the following ways:

Adding Hashtags to LinkedIn Update

From the homepage, click to share a document, photo, or video. Next, write or upload the link to the content with the hashtags using the # sign. 

Adding Hashtags to LinkedIn Article 

Click Write article from the homepage. After you have drafted the report, a Publish button appears at the top right corner; a pop-up window will appear, giving you the option to Publish the article or Cancel (to continue editing). 

Before publishing, you can write a summary telling your network what your article is about and add #hashtags to help other users discover it. Note: After hitting Publish, you cannot edit or remove these hashtags.

How to use Hashtags on LinkedIn? Here are some tips for you

Tip 1: Find Your Branding Niche

For almost every subject and industry, there is a niche community online that uses specific hashtags. It is a good idea to start following these hashtags to enrich yourself with more ideas. You can also pin the favorites to your homepage. 

If you aren’t too familiar with niche tags, you could use some general yet popular hashtags. To see how many followers a LinkedIn hashtag has, enter it into the header search bar. Mentioned below are some widely followed hashtags in their respective categories:

*Followers based on Hashtags (numbers based on September 2020)


  • #Innovation (38,881,377)
  • #Management (36,210,943)
  • #Creativity (25,323,161)
  • #Careers (22,490,186)
  • #Motivation (15,565,430)
  • #Productivity (8,534,184)
  • #GettingThingsDone (7,047,244)
  • #Leadership (2,769,173)
  • #Mindfulness (1,727,184)
  • #Tips (13,723)

Social media and marketing

  • #DigitalMarketing (27,530,544)
  • #Marketing (20,317,850)
  • #SocialMedia (19,790,563)
  • #SocialNetworking (19,180,720)
  • #Branding (18,138,080)
  • #AdvertisingAndMarketing (17,338,359)
  • #ContentMarketing (640,815)
  • #OnlineAdvertising (397,418)
  • #SocialMediaMarketing (128,034)
  • #SocialMediaAdvertising (14,964)

Sales & B2B

  • #Sales (5,840,810)
  • #B2B (24,730)
  • #B2Bsales (7,231)
  • #SDR (5,679)

Small business and entrepreneurship

  • #Entrepreneurship (22,856,142)
  • #BusinessIntelligence (6,950,903)
  • #SocialEntrpreneurship (5,871,991)
  • #Business (3,584,478)
  • #SmallBusiness (812,666)
  • #Entrepreneur (435,206)

Women on LinkedIn

  • #ProfessionalWomen (18,089,139)
  • #WomenInScience (16,748,460)
  • #WomenInBusiness (31,388)
  • #WomenOfLinkedIn (314)

Personal networking tags

  • #PersonalDevelopment (14,809,881)
  • #PersonalBranding (10,538,955)
  • #WhatInspiresMe (8,150,488)
  • #Networking (3,553,932)
  • #OpenToNewOpportunities (673)
  • #LetsWork (147)

It might also be a good idea to use relevant hashtags that are automatically suggested by LinkedIn when typing in a post. 

Hashtag Literacy

LinkedIn is a professional platform; therefore, it is best to be conscious of using acronyms. Make use of LinkedIn Analytics to ensure your audience is familiar with the demographic. 

These analytics can also identify your top posts and article to figure which hashtags work best for you. 

Location-based and Event Hashtags

If your post or article is targeted towards an audience in a specific region or is directed towards particular geography, it is worthwhile to add destination hashtags.

Furthermore, many professionals use LinkedIn before, during, or after attending an industry conference or event to build their network. These days, most events have specific hashtags; hence, it is encouraged to use event hashtags to signal your company’s presence or involvement.

The do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn Hashtags


The LinkedIn Hashtags DO’s

1. Punctuations

Choose to capitalize on multiword hashtags to improve readability. It also prevents users from misreading the hashtags. Most importantly, check the spelling of the hashtags; each misspelled hashtag is a missed connection. 

2. Do Make Sure Your Hashtags Are Public

If you run a business profile, you must ensure that your profile and posts are visible to over 600 million LinkedIn members. To check, click Public Profile Settings and switch to Make My Public Profile Visible to Everyone

3. Create Hashtag for the Company or Campaign

Be original when creating a hashtag that coincides nicely with its recurring initiative or brand campaign, but keep it short and straightforward. 

4. Develop your own unique and branded Hashtags 

Hashtags are an integral part of all social media communication. If your company has a personalized hashtag that clicks, the word will begin to spread, enabling your brand to reach more consumers. The hashtag must be your central business tag. It must be linked to each post; this increases your hashtag’s chances of being readily adapted by its followers in their posts.

The LinkedIn Hashtags DON’Ts

5. Punctuations 

Do not add spaces; multiple words in a hashtag should be grouped. Furthermore, do not use punctuation marks in a hashtag format. 

6. Do Not Hashtag Every Word.

It is a good practice to include at least one descriptive line and a call-to-action before adding the hashtags. Moreover, hashtag only specific keywords that highlight the context of the article.  

7. Do Not Overuse and abuse LinkedIn Hashtags.

Typically there is no limit for the number of hashtags that can be used on a LinkedIn post; however, it is highly recommended that each post is limited to a maximum of five hashtags. LinkedIn Algorithm could also mark your post as spam if you use too many hashtags.

8. Do Not Use A # Instead of @

When trying to tag a company or person, tag them with the @ symbol following their name instead of the hashtag; this is a better way to grab their attention. 

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Popular Hashtags.

Not all of your followers may be interested in the same niche, so don’t shy away from using popular hashtags every once in a while. 

Final thoughts on LinkedIn Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to make it easier for others to discover your content and connect with users who are interested in your services. Adding relevant hashtags to your regular posts and content can help you get the most out of your posts. 

Hashtags will help LinkedIn identify topics for targeted users who are interested in said topic. This will increase your reach on Linkedin. Hashtags are also beneficial if you’re trying to identify trends to assist you in your marketing efforts. 

Follow the tips we’re given above, and you’ll master the use of hashtags always to get maximum engagement on your Linkedin content. 

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