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How to Outsource your Email Inbox to a Virtual Assistant

It’s a sad truth, but email has taken over our lives. From spam to reminders and even when we want to get together with friends; it seems like everything is done through email these days! At The Trusted Voice, we send out emails in order to increase leads and sales- which can be difficult because these important emails get lost in the noise. 

This is why it’s important to organize and be on top of your email. Let’s talk about how we can leverage virtual assistants. We use Twinsy, for email management. 


Use Twinsy to achieve Inbox Zero. 


How  and why outsourcing your inbox Virtual Assistants can Ease Your Life with Email Management

Why use Virtual Assistants like Twinsy for Email Management 


Using email is not only a necessary component of how we live our lives, but it is also an essential mode of communication. Many organizations rely on the convenience of emailing that is instantly delivered to the recipient’s inbox to conduct their operations successfully.

If you want to take control of your inbox, you’ll need more than just resolve to succeed. Hire an email virtual assistant who can not only assist you with email management but who can also enable you to become more empowered as a business owner.


Do you require assistance? Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the process.


Foremost, there must be a definition. What is an email virtual assistant, and how does it work? A person who can assist you with email management by assisting with follow-ups, email organization, and scheduling is someone you should consider hiring. 

It is important to remember that there are additional advantages to working with a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant, for example, might help you save as much as 80 percent on your running expenditures, which is significant. This isn’t just because you’re hiring someone hourly. You will also save money because you will not have to incur all the expenses connected with a full-time employee.

When you hire a full-time employee, consider all the ancillary expenses that will be incurred: benefits, additional office space, and the creation of a workstation for them to use. A computer for them to use at work will cost you another thousand dollars or more if you don’t already have one. With a virtual assistant, you may allow them to work from the comfort of their own home while you get things started


Here are a few examples of the tasks that an email virtual assistant can perform:


  • Follow-up: Following up with potential leads is a necessary, although time-consuming, part of many business owners’ daily routines. An email virtual assistant can step in and assist you in organizing your key emails so that you can devote your spare time to the most important tasks first.
  • Inbox Management: A trained virtual assistant can not only aid you with inbox management but can also organize the most important emails for you, allowing you to focus on only the most important emails and ignore the rest.
  • Email label: Organizing your emails by adding appropriate labels is a great way to keep track of your important updates. Using separate labels for meetings, subscriptions, or even categorizing by name of clients can help maintain a clean inbox.


Concerns about email privacy and security


There are a variety of methods by which you can grant your virtual assistant access to your email. Gmail and Outlook both have the option to delegate your email to another person outside your organization. The individual can then view, send and organize emails on the owner’s behalf but not have the credentials for the email itself. 


6 Main Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Emails


  1. Be more organized.

The average human spends around 3.1 hours checking their emails every day,  15.5 hours per week!. A few minutes here and there add up to a significant decrease in productivity. And when you’re running a business, you need all the time you can get your hands on. When you hire a virtual email assistant, you won’t have to spend your time meticulously organizing your inbox anymore. Your virtual email assistant will help you reduce the number of unread emails to zero, separate spam from important emails, and ensure that you don’t waste time reading unimportant email messages. They make certain that your inbox is kept clear at all times so that you can simply locate the emails you’re looking for.


  1. Don’t miss out on critical emails.

No more missing out on important emails because you were too busy for two days in a row. Your virtual assistant will read every single email for you and will notify you of the most critical ones when they are received. Your virtual email assistant will ensure that your inbox is always sorted, allowing you to devote your time to more important tasks.


  1. Never miss a scheduled meeting.

Keep track of your calendar and daily routine with the help of a virtual email assistant, and you’ll never be late for a meeting again. They will filter through your emails, respond to them, and alert you to any that requires your attention. A meeting or action will be added to your calendar by your VA if one is scheduled. Never again will you be late for a meeting because you failed to see an email buried in your inbox.


  1. Manage and update contact lists.

Keeping track of and categorizing an ever-growing contact list may be a pain if it is not handled and separated. Engage the services of a virtual email assistant to maintain your lists up to date and appropriately divided into categories.


  1. Save your time, and focus on growing your business 

Imagine having an extra 2 hours every day to devote to your business. This is possible. By freeing up your time, your virtual email assistant can provide you with many extra hours per day. Can it not be denied that the ordinary worker spends a substantial amount of their time reading and responding to emails. When you delegate this task to a virtual email assistant, you free up a significant amount of time that you can devote to other tasks, such as growing your business.


  1. Respond more quickly.

Respond more quickly. Hire a virtual email assistant to help you respond to emails more quickly and efficiently without wasting time. Inform your virtual assistant on normal responses and which contacts must be answered to as soon as possible. For example, if you have any questions from employees about filing reimbursements, your VA will respond swiftly with the stock response.

These are just the basic tasks that you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant. More tasks are listed below:


You can also delegate the following tasks to your virtual assistant:

  • Cleaning and sorting inbox
  • Deleting old emails
  • Managing contact list
  • Responding to emails and creating drafts for approval
  • Email marketing tasks
  • Setting auto-responders
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Calendar management

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