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How To Change Or Update Your LinkedIn Banner

Don’t overlook your LinkedIn banner. Nor leave it as the ugly blue default image.

Maybe you didn’t realize it, you can upload and change it to a custom image.
Maybe, you haven’t gotten around to creating an image worth uploading.
Maybe, you need a post like this to remind you to do something about your banner.

Either way, use some of your time to reinforce your personal brand online.
This is an opportunity to cement your personal brand and promote your beliefs or business.

A good personal brand actively finds a way to reinforce one’s ethos.


LinkedIn says “Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.”

This is a good reminder to complete your profile with a banner

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Essential Tips Before Uploading Your New LinkedIn Banner


  1. Find a high-quality photo that is relative to your specific industry. 
  • You can use stock photos to showcase your brand
  • Or have a picture with you in it, your face is a brand too
  • If you need some inspirations, check out the 30 banners you can download and pick yourself
  • You can use Canva to create your own banner, they have a LinkedIn banner template.
  1. Make sure your background photo is sized correctly. 
  • The ideal size is 1584 x 369 and the format should be JPG, PNG or a GIF.
  1. The banner should be a file size that is less than 8MB
  2. Treat your profile like a billboard promoting your brand or company (see the theory of billboard below).

How To Treat Your LinkedIn Banner Like A Billboard 


  1. Keep It Simple
    Simple is eye-catching. Having a congested design with a lot of elements closely packed together rarely get to propagate their message. On the contrary, simple and minimalistic designs tend to be more breathable and easy-to-read.
  2. We are talking  7 words or less (this is 7 words itself)
    This point complements the first one, you must be able to trim down your message in a flashy 6-7 words only. It allows others to read your business objective in a much quicker way. Also, it gives away a subliminal message that you are clear and concise in the delivery of your concrete message.
  3. More showing, less talking
    The more attention your billboard grasps, the better. Don’t be afraid to go bold and creative with your designs. There are so many new options out there for you to choose from now so don’t rely on the simple flat billboard. 3D and animated billboards are always eye-catching and viewers usually look at them twice as often.
  4. Experiment More
    Take inspiration from bigger brands and analyze the bolder moves they are making. Apply them to your billboards in your own creative way. Be bold with your ideas but also don’t be afraid of the mainstream. It’s mainstream because it works. Your task is to bring your own innovation

To Change Or Update Your LinkedIn Banner


  1. Click on the Me icon at the top bar of your Linkedin Page
  2. Go to View Profile


  3. Select the Camera icon above your profile photo on the top right.
    Note this is the ugly default blue we have been referring to.
  4. Click on Upload Photo.
    Then, select an image from your computer to upload and click Open.
  5. Next, click Apply.


To Change Your LinkedIn Banner



  1. Follow the same steps 1 to 3 as indicated above, but this time click on Change Photo.


  2. Click Apply

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