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Generating leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known to be the world’s largest database of business professionals among which a 100 million users are active on a daily basis, according to the search engine journal. Among those 100, 40 million users make business and buying decisions This leaves next to no doubt that LinkedIn presents a great opportunity to create business. Unlike other social media networks, everybody is thinking about business on LinkedIn.

An effective strategy to create leads on LinkedIn will help you a long way. The ultimate goal is to get people to make the first step in communicating with you. To do so:

Maintain an Authentic LinkedIn profile as a funnel

You’re thinking, “isn’t LinkedIn used as your resume?”

Let’s remove that mindset and switch LinkedIn as a business tool. It’s your digital business card, where it shows you’re a legit and credible expert. LinkedIn is a social networking tool, you publish content and network with relevant decision makers. 

We can transform your LinkedIn profile into a sales funnel, and we don’t need to use third party apps. Nor do you need deep marketing expertise to generate leads anymore

Your LinkedIn headline is your value proposition

The first 50 characters are prime real estate. It’s what appears right under your name. Unfortunately, too many people write Founder, Expert, SEO Consultants, Entrepreneurs and move on. Don’t just write a title and move on, make sure to add your feature i.e., who you are, as well as your benefit i.e., what you can do for them. 

As an example, for a marketing expert, you could also chime in ‘direct marketing guaranteed to get you more business.’ As a coach, you can write: ‘Coaching for entrepreneurial designers – My clients have results.’

Holly Lee wrote her headline as: 

String flex her credibility as 4x Top Voice 

LinkedIn surely is professional but there is room for some fun that makes you stand out. So be original, creative and authentic and show the viewers what you can do for them.

Introduce your brand story via “About Section” 

The ‘About me’ section is the first thing people see on your profile. This section is often under-used by users. Do not make the mistake of leaving a short tagline. No matter what your goal is, whether to find a job, promote your business or build your professional brand, this section is an important asset that you can use to come off authentic to the viewers. 

Take this as an opportunity to strengthen your profile by writing how your brand stands out among the rest and inspiring action from the readers. Write about your accomplishments and dig deep into what sets you apart.

Another key point to note is that LinkedIn uses your summary to help recruiters search terms that they may be looking for, in turn increasing your reach. So you might want to make it keyword rich, depending on the audience you want to attract.

Use the Featured Section to push traffic

This is where you can promote your products, services or websites. Located toward the top of your profile between the About section and Activity section, the Featured Section allows you to highlight specific posts and add links to external websites, photos, and documents.

Your profile’s Featured section will help you connect your personal brand to anyone—potential buyers and clients, referral sources, and others. 

  • Small business owners may use this section of their profile to highlight their best products and services. 
  • Coaches can share their Calendly link or lead magnet. 
  • Thought leaders can share their favourite posts or videos with the rest of the world.
  • Employees can draw attention to noteworthy ventures.


Publish quality content to establish credibility and trust

Using LinkedIn to share content keeps you top of mind with your core network. It establishes you as a thought leader who consistently provides value through high-quality, engaging content. Share regular updates, publish your articles (at least one per month).

Here are 3 tips on creating engaging content on LinkedIn: 


Be active on LinkedIn by commenting 

Develop a “give-before-you-ask” approach and become an active member. You can create mutual relationships by being genuine and honest in your interactions.

Engaging with the posts that your network is sharing is one of the simplest ways to “give.” Like and comment on articles in your news feed to share your unique viewpoint on related issues.

Add relevant connections to your network

You can’t sit in a corner and wait for people to notice you if you want to rapidly expand your LinkedIn audience. LinkedIn helps you find relevant connections with its advanced features.

Ask yourself this question “who are my key target market”

If you’re vague about it, your sales will diminish. A good exercise to go through is to look at your past 10-50 clients and find common job titles and industry. What patterns do you see?

Connect with relevance, more people are open to networking on LinkedIn  

Most of your existing contacts are already on LinkedIn. You can manually scan for their names on LinkedIn or import your address book to look for bulk connections. For this, go to My Network, select Add Contacts, and then enter your email address to import your contacts and search for connections.

Through its “People You May Know” feature, LinkedIn allows you to  find more relevant people for expanding your network.

Ensure you have strong sales and marketing strategy and alignment

According to a global survey, 60% of respondents agree that misalignment between sales and marketing affects financial results. On the positive side, there is widespread consensus that aligning Sales and Marketing will enhance pipeline, consumer engagement, and customer retention.

So make sure you have a strong sales and marketing strategy and alignment since they are equally important in identifying opportunities and closing deals. 

According to a study, 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing. B2B marketers should know that LinkedIn is a key tool to use as part of your marketing strategy and campaigns. In addition to that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn vs. 13% on Twitter & 7% on Facebook.


Use Clubhouse in combination with LinkedIn 

LinkedIn was not well-known when it came to audio communication, and to fill that void up users are now using Clubhouse, a community platform solely based on audio. It functions through spoken conversations in rooms. It’s a live panel where you can speak or just choose to listen if you wish to while doing whatever else you like. Clubhouse is great for uniting people with similar interests or users with the same professional fields. It’s great to make your pitch or have a quick conference about your brand or product and increase your reach. Clubhouse presents an opportunity to build rapport with other professionals. The concentration of business leaders on the app and how Clubhouse fosters more intimate interactions make it a great place to build relationships and create value. And where other social media platforms have become saturated with content, Clubhouse is still uncharted territory.


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