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Engage Your Audience: 3 Ways To Gain The Most Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows experts and professionals to connect with others in their industry and share content. When you post on LinkedIn, it’s important to engage your audience because this will increase the odds of someone responding or sharing your content. Here are three strategies to use today:

1. Increase attention with your content with attention-grabbing hook lines.

Based on String’s experience of creating 1000s of posts, the first line is the most effective way to grab attention. But what’s the secret? How can you write an attention-grabbing first line?

1) Be specific – be clear about what your content is about.

2) Include numbers or percentages – if you’re writing about industry trends, include the percentage of people who agree with the trend.

3) Keep it short and sweet – keep your intro paragraph short, but don’t leave them hanging by asking for more information in the body of the text!

2. Increase reach by posting valuable content that people may want to share

There’s a common misconception that you need to be an expert or have some special knowledge to create something worth sharing. The truth is, anyone can do it! With the right combination of creativity and strategy, your marketing campaign could go from good to great in no time at all.

Here are two ways for creating content that will get shared: 

1) Make it informative – Informative posts typically contain valuable information about a topic, whether it be how-to instructions on making fried chicken or guidelines for succeeding in business.

2) Make it entertaining – Entertaining posts often include humor (especially if they’re videos!), excitement, and mystery. They also tend to offer a fresh perspective on an otherwise common experience.

3) Make it topical – Leverage current events, news, or trending topics. Use Google Trends (link to it). To make your content more shareable, create topical content and discuss topics that are in the public eye right now.

3. Increase interactivity by asking questions and inviting comments from your readers.

First and foremost, ask questions that will get readers involved in the content. This could be as basic as asking for their opinion on an issue. Invite them to provide feedback.

1) Have call-to-actions to invite conversations or debate. A popular one is:

  1. a) Thoughts
  2. b) Agree/Disagree?

2) Another way to increase interactions is to use LinkedIn polls (link back), they will feel like their votes count.

Key Takeaway

The number one rule of content marketing is that it’s all about inviting your audience to engage in the content. Engagement is key because it builds trust and visibility for you over time, which creates a more loyal following who will be eager to buy from you when they see your product or service pop up on their social feeds.

If you want to get started with LinkedIn marketing but don’t know where to start, we’ve got some great tips here about personal branding! You can also sign up for TTV Monthly newsletter if this article has been helpful.

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