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Customize and Personalize Your LinkedIn URL

The Importance of Creating & Adding Custom URLs

For public profiles, holding a personalized domain is crucial in strengthening a brand’s online presence to fiery social involvement, direct traffic towards a website, and amplify discoverability regarding a marketing campaign. These custom URLs are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members, too, are limited to one customized URL for their public profile at any given time. They are not only easier to share but also improve offline sharing as they are easier to remember and manageable. With respect to LinkedIn, a custom URL greatly increases the overall visibility of the account. If you wish to personalize your public profile URL, do so by:

Steps to create a custom or personalized LinkedIn URL 

1. From your LinkedIn homepage, click the Me icon located at the top bar, it’s on your right-hand corner.

2. Next, click onto View Profile.

3. Upon landing onto your profile, the right rail prompts you with the following:

Select Edit public profile & URL, and you shall automatically be redirected to the Public Profile settings page.

4. Again in the right rail, under Edit your custom URL. Click the Edit icon next to your public profile URL, which typically looks like

5. You are allowed to type in the last bit of your new custom URL in the text box:

Note: Your custom URL must contain 3-100 letters or numbers.

However, the use of spaces, symbols, and special characters is prohibited. 

6. Lastly, click Save to secure all changes.

Tips on Customizing Your LinkedIn URL:

  • The customizable bit of the URL is highly case sensitive.
  • The hard limit of changing your public profile is five times within six months. However, it is permissible to revert to the older URL immediately after changing it. Hence, if you utilize a unique URL and then change it, it remains unavailable to all other LinkedIn members for six months.
  • Lastly, upon closing an account, the custom public profile URL becomes available to all other members after 180 days. 

Tips on Where to Promote Your Custom LinkedIn URL

Now that you have a personalized and custom LinkedIn profile URL, consider where to promote your public profile to increase your connections. 

You can share your LinkedIn URL on: 

  1. On your email signature
  2. On your business card
  3. On your social accounts (Twitter or Facebook)
  4. On your resume
  5. On your cover letter
  6. Career Portals
  7. Website (Contact/People)
  8. Letterheads
  9. Brochures/Catalogues

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