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Commenting on LinkedIn is Content

Commenting is Content on LinkedIn Says String Nguyen, 4x LinkedIn Top Voice

Why Commenting Is Underrated

Let’s say you’re scrolling through LinkedIn and you see a post, intriguing, interesting but with little to no comments, Is it worth reading through?

Now, let’s change it up a bit. You find a post and you go through the first few lines but the number of comments suggests the content is worth having a discussion on. You’ll instinctively read on and then click on the comments. See what’s gotten everyone talking!

This is why commenting is important. ( ..and extremely underrated!) Engage with your audience, create comments that add value, start conversations and add to your personal brand. 

Commenting is content. LinkedIn rewards creators who increase conversations. In this blog, we share more about how to best comment and build your personal brand. Here are 6 reasons why you should comment more: 

1. Commenting is content 

Commenting-Is-Content. How? Your comments showcase your brand image. You need to engage with your audience in some way to keep them hooked. Individuals will always feel a deeper connection with figures who respond to their comments.

Commenting is how Elizabeth Leiba, Top Voice for Education, got started. She used commenting to build her confidence and within a year grew from 7k to 77k followers. Commenting builds your confidence to be a better communicator and creator. 

Drop the right comments and you can gain exposure to your relevant target audience. People will see your comments and if they like what you’ll say there’s a huge chance they might even be inclined to reach out to you. That brings us to our next point of discussion. 

Comment on LinkedIn has a direct URL, and can be used for additional content, like how we’ve done with this article.

2. Commenting is networking 

As we mentioned before, leaving relevant comments can help you gain tons of exposure. Leave a comment, and you’re initiating new conversations, new discussions. Then again, your brand isn’t just about the number of likes you get, it’s about the actual conversations happening with your brand.

Plus, if you are going back to comment and engage with your followers and respond to comments, you are slowly building your relationship with your audience. The algorithm detects this and you’ll instantly find yourself gaining more and more traction day by day! So yes, commenting is also networking!

3. Commenting is showing your expertise

Your comments will be a direct representation of your voice, of your cognitive self. They will not only showcase your brand image but also your expertise. So how can you make a “great” comment?

  • Make sure your comment is relevant
  • Share your opinion
  • comment to kickstart a conversation
  • comment on well-known influencers post and hang out with like-minded folks

You can’t be dropping irrelevant comments, stick to the key message at hand, whatever you share link it back to the main topic. Next, incorporate your own personal opinion on the topic of discussion (remember, not everyone may agree with your opinion but explaining why you hold a certain view is a great conversation starter!). 

Your comments should add value to the discussion, they should bring forth new conversations and strengthen relationships with your followers. 

4. Commenting helps grows your personal and professional brand 

Your comments do help grow your personal and professional brand. As we’ve mentioned before, commenting gives you exposure. If you’re a brand and you engage with your follower’s comments, there’s a greater chance they’ll prioritize you over other brands. It’s all about the relationship you cultivate!

Now on the topic of exposure, LinkedIn works a bit differently than other social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Usually, you’d leave a comment and the poster would get an increased level of engagement. On LinkedIn, not only does your comment notify the original creator, but your comment will also be seen by your network (Linkedin automatically adds it to their feed!) So your comment is gaining a much wider audience. 

5. Commenting builds relationships and rapport 

Then again your comments can add value, they can create real-time conversations. That! And you’re showing your audience your perspectives, your POV on pretty much everything (choose what and who you comment on wisely). 

6. Commenting is easy

This is probably one of the biggest upsides to commenting. Commenting is easy! 

Commenting takes less than a minute. A well put- together comment can take a bit more than that, but you get the general idea. It’s a simple, fast way to help your profile stand out. AND you can do it any time you like: while scrolling through your feed, while you’re grabbing a cup of coffee, while you’re waiting in your car, any time you can get!

How to comment with relevance and with intention 

How do you comment with relevance and intention? Well for once, put some thought into it. Properly assess your response before you hit send. Don’t just promote your business, or your comment will probably be ignored, try to add value to the conversation. 

Avoid being botlike and saying:

❌ Great share
Nice post
❌ Love what you’re saying
❌ Thanks for sharing

Remember to tag the person your response is towards, and try to be polite. Yes, not everyone will like what you have to say but differing opinions are understandable. 

How often should you comment on LinkedIn? 

How often should you be commenting? Well honestly speaking, there’s no limit. The more, the better. This doesn’t mean you should spam your audience, no. Leave relevant, well put comments on posts between regular intervals. 

Usually, people invest around 30 mins a day in commenting, 

You should start with a base of 30 minutes per day as well, just keep them relevant to the point of discussion and you’re good to go! 

Tactics on How to comment on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is your stage to showcase your talent, your expertise and you comment to build up your community and engagement. For me, magic happens in the comments. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to mention the key message and acknowledge the creator.
  2. Next, share your opinion or ask a question so it keeps the conversation going.

Here’s what The Trusted Voice community had to say about how to comment

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