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Brainstorm Hundreds of Content Ideas

Are you creating content?
Need to generate more ideas?

Brainstorming is a great way to train your brain to think of topics.

Generating content ideas requires effort and often inspiration as well. But for content makers who have to bring up new ideas on a daily basis, even they can find it hard to wait for inspiration to strike.


Part of content making is coming up with ideas that are relevant to their objectives.


Finding the right idea for your content doesn’t have to be difficult. Develop a healthy relationship or habit with brainstorming. It’s a necessary part of the process of content creation.


Be it alone or as a team, after a session of brainstorming, you’ll be left with a plethora of ideas. The ideas don’t have to be all good; it’s just a process to keep your brain-gears moving. 


Part of the process is recognize the golden nuggets. 


Still, how can you train your brain to think of new ideas?

Read on, so you can understand the process of brainstorming content ideas and integrate them into your content creation. 

We even added about how to brainstorm and communicate during difficult times like the COVID19 pandemic. 


Use The Internet To Brainstorm Ideas 

Before preparing for a brainstorming session, build some ground rules for yourself and your team.


Choose one topic and research on it a bit before coming up with your ideas. 


The internet is a massive place with millions of ideas and inspiring content.

Use platforms like Pinterest, Answer The Republic, Tumblr, Youtube, Quora to collect ideas.


They have done the hard work for you.

Find out what content has been and create your own spin to it.


Let’s use “Business Coaching” as an example.
Still, you can apply the same tactic, use your own keywords to generate content ideas.


Mindmap Your Ideas

Don’t overthink. We do it all the time, all the knowledge and information is inside of us. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a paper, pen and set aside 15 minutes.

  2. In the middle, pick the main topic, and give it a big circle around it.

  3. Then in 15 minutes, think of as many topics as you can.

  4. Hi5, see, you always had the information inside of you.

  5. Pick 2-3 topics that you like to develop into a content piece 


How To Think Of Ideas Under Extreme Situations Like COVID-19

Current situations like COVID19 have been pretty stressful for everyone around the world.


In times like this, content creators are especially affected because they have to come up with ideas that are uplifting and motivating (even if they are not feeling it themselves). 


In these situations, you have to figure out what your audience needs at that moment, and still be sensitive to the current climate. 

Content that is both informative and uplifting. Showing the light at the end of the tunnel gives people hope and motivates them to make it to the end of the journey.


There are current topics that are relevant to the industry, a good question to ask is “what is keeping people in my industry up at night?”


Below is another tool called Answer The Republic.

It leverages the Google and organize it in a mind map way, using what, when, how, why, which formats.


Spot The Trendy Topics

It’s always best to look up what is currently trending so you can create content that is topical, relatable and influential. 


Knowing your audience is another crucial aspect that you should be aware of before you start pulling up ideas. 


After you’re done with your brainstorming, you will have to narrow down the ideas and separate the good from the bad. Choose the ones that are most current and most relevant to the topic. Don’t forget to add your innovative and creative spin to it. Nobody wants to see the same idea going around again and again. 


Create your twist; don’t be afraid to go bold.


You can use Google Trends or Exploding Topics (see image for reference).



How To Validate Your Content Ideas 

Identifying your idea and validating is essential, but you need to keep in context the search trends that are currently in motion. You need to confirm and be sure that the idea that you are going to implement is going to help you achieve your goals.

Use SEO tools to help validate ideas

SEO stands for search engine optimization = it’s a fancy marketing word to mean “Google”.

Google is one big engine of knowledge and it gets ranked.


If you use SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz (refer to the image below), Keywords Everywhere or UberSuggest.

They can help validate your thinking and keywords to help generate your content.


Ubersuggest gives you multiple essential features, namely: Domain Overview, Top SEO Pages, Keyword Suggestions, Content Ideas, and Backlink data, which are very useful in getting all the information you may need.


Conclusion: Brainstorming Is Part Of Content Training

It is imperative to choose the right idea for your content because that is the framework, and it needs proper attention. 

Content that has integrity and value makes it all worthwhile. 


With all the ideas you generated with your brainstorming sessions. make it a monthly habit. Spend 30 minutes of thinking of ideas, brainstorm as much as your can.

In the end, pick the ones that makes reinforces your goals for marketing or business.


Enjoy the process and before you know it, you realized you have a lot of ideas that you can turn into valuable content.


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