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Best Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn in 2021 (6 Amazing ways)

LinkedIn is a platform of 750 million users filled with many decision makers, which makes LinkedIn a
perfect platform to grow:
1. Your Business
2. Personal Brand
3. Your Network
4. Your Audience

String herself has benefited a lot from LinkedIn. Here are the Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn that
helped her grow her channels to great bounds with 45k useful followers in the past 4 years.

LinkedIn is more than a resume Platform that has become a content-driven platform and is rewarding
content creators like String and many others because people do business there.

Learn these Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn to avail the golden opportunity to grow and leverage by
creating great content on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Newsletter (Best Marketing strategy for LinkedIn)

At present time, the one thing that can give you the most growth is LinkedIn Newsletter.

For String, it brought 20k subscribers in 10 Months only which is the best growth she ever had.

It is much like the LinkedIn Article but there are some differences:
● The crazy feature of LinkedIn Newsletter is, people can Subscribe to it.
● It is distributed among the subscribers while there is no subscription for LinkedIn Articles.
● It is accessible by beta-users and invites only.
● It Pings your existing connections as well as Subscribers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get access to it and start generating weekly content and grab the most

LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Videos have also helped String grow her business a lot but now, there are very less views on
them if you have a low connection count.
About less than 10% of your LinkedIn connection will see your videos.

String believes in uploading LinkedIn videos because it is a trust accelerator. If you upload your videos
and exhibit great confidence in them, it will certainly boost up the trust of your audience.

So, upload LinkedIn videos at least once a week to help people recognize you, trust you and your

Key tip

Make your video less than a minute and add a call for action in it like “connect with me if you want to
know about pro marketing strategies”

LinkedIn Status Post (Only Text)

One thing that has the most views on LinkedIn is Only Text-Based posts. It is not an article and should
be posted on your timeline.

String have been creating content on LinkedIn for the past four years and LinkedIn posts have proved to
be the best marketing strategy for LinkedIn to engage her audience.

Here are some strategies for creating the highly engaging Text-based posts:
● Keep it under 220 words or 1300 characters.
● Use an Active tone.
● Write in the present tense (like you are talking to them),
● Hook people with your very first line (Use it as a clickbait),
● Don’t add links in your post (if you want to add then add in comments)

As per String’s experience on LinkedIn, the reason for LinkedIn posts having the most views is because
professionals on LinkedIn like to read more than to watch videos.

LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn polls is another tool for engagements that works as a conversation starter as well.

String loves polls because they are so easy for the audience to engage as you have four buttons and all
you have to do is just pop them and vote.

The basic principle to leverage your polls is to make them easy for your viewers because that is the
utility of polls, you don’t have to complicate it.

For Example

Which Social Media platform do you like most?
● Facebook
● Instagram
● TikTok

Use Comments

People on LinkedIn love conversations. One of the Editors on LinkedIn told String that LinkedIn is highly
interested in content that engages conversations.

Conversations mean talking in comments and comments can be leveraged by:
● Commenting on popular posts (with relevancy).
● Commenting on your own posts that push back your content in the timeline.

So, use comments to showcase your expertise to other people.

LinkedIn PDFs (create carousels)

LinkedIn PDFs are the carousal you must have seen on Instagram, many photos in one post that can be
seen by swapping left and right.

LinkedIn PDF is a great way to spread information in an Instagram way. String totally admit that LinkedIn
is a little bit of a stale platform but that is what makes it a perfect opportunity to accelerate and grab

You can use to create attractive and stunning Carousels which can help you stand out and
grow your business.

Key Takeaway on Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn is all about fetching peoples’ attention and this demands content on a regular basis.

Content is your Queen, it converts your views into your profile visits and that’s where your success lies.

Remember! Don’t push just one type of content by sticking to just polls or text posts etc. Try to mix up
your content because people like to have variety.

Use all these Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn to express your expertise and connect with people who
would like to have business with you.

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