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How to Add Interests to Your Linkedin Profile

How to Add Interests to Your Linkedin Profile

The Importance of Interests on Linkedin

What appears on your LinkedIn profile is your first impression. 

When scouting, your profile is your first-ever impression on the recruiter without ever meeting you in person. People enjoy working with friendly people who tend to have varied interests outside of work as well, making them more relatable. Your interests should prove to be real, but they should also be relevant to your audience and related to your profession. 

By adding interests, you can allow recruiters and potential employers to learn more about the things you like, which will also, in turn, makes you more approachable. 

The interest section further allows people to assess you beyond your academic qualifications and professional experience.


What Are Interests on Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a top-pick platform for professionals when it comes to finding target audiences, connecting with colleagues and potential workers.

Have you ever wondered why most of the people consider LinkedIn a ‘Lead Generation’ platform? Because it’s not just a social networking tool, but it also provides many opportunities for an individual to advertise his business, connect with professionals and much more. 

One can also find and apply for jobs within site itself by creating an appealing profile page which serves as an online resume/CV for people and companies who are looking for candidates like you. There you can add your work experience with different organizations along with a detailed background of your education, skills and endorsements. 

You can also add your INTERESTS in LinkedIn and believe me; it’s worthwhile. It creates more possibilities for people, companies and recruiters to get in touch with you for related interests.  

Interests section consists of your hobbies, new sources, companies, influencers, schools and groups that you’re following in. That’s really useful because it lets other people know what your interests are and can help you build new connections with people on a more advanced level. 

What’re the Benefits of Adding Interests on Linkedin 

Now you’re thinking; “Are interests really worth it?”

Many people underestimate this section as they think, why would someone is interested in their interests. Well, interests reflect your perspective and personality so, you shouldn’t ignore it. It helps you connect with people having the same interest as you and boost up your connections.

Let’s dive directly into how LinkedIn interests can benefit you.

  • Interests could be a defining factor of who you are and how people perceive you. It might be the reason for attracting potential recruiters who are looking for a candidate. By adding interests, you can accomplish this opportunity and show them why you’re a perfect fit for their required post.
  • Setting your interests in a professional way allows you to build your network and connect with profile visitors on a personal level.
  • Mostly when someone creates an Ad on LinkedIn, they target people based on their interests. So, use the right keywords to get back into the business. It would help you to be in their target audience.

What Kind of Interests Should I Share on Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform, and it’s not for sharing funny memes. 

Here are some tips on what kind of interests you should share on LinkedIn to show what is your aim.

  • When it comes to adding interests, keep your target audience in mind. Try to be smart with the information you share. Don’t mention inappropriate interests like dancing, travelling etc. It might frustrate your audience. Keep it professional.
  • Add volunteer experiences to your profile. It shows your passion for other things than work. Share your humanitarian and philanthropic interests; it shows the social side of your character that your target audience may find relatable and interesting. 
  • You can also mention organizations you support in the “Volunteer Experience” section of your interests. Add the organization’s name, the cause it is working for and your role in it. 

How to Add Interests on LinkedIn

Here’s how to add interests to your LinkedIn profile:

Step 1

Open your LinkedIn profile.

Step 2: Search and Pick your interest

Type in any person, company or topic you are interested in, using the search bar on the top of the page. 

You will then be taken to their profile page. You can add interests on LinkedIn by following any company, group, or individual.

Let’s use ‘The New Yorker’ as an example.

Step 3. Follow your interest

On the profile page, click the Follow button. 

Step 4. It’s now added to your portfolio of LinkedIn’s interests 

The company, person, or topic will now be listed in your Interests section, just like how The New Yorker is. 


Final thoughts: Adding Interests on LinkedIn would boost your discoverability 

Your interests help your reader connect with you on a personal level, helping you build relationships. 

Who you follow, and your interests will reflect upon your personality and help create an impression on the viewer. 

Furthermore, interests also help you connect with like-minded people, who may share your likes and dislikes, enabling you to create a bigger network of people like you.

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