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A Guide to Grow Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Today’s business landscape is a competitive one. To get ahead, you need to have the best skills and network of contacts. LinkedIn can be a great tool for both! 

In this guide, we will discuss how to create your profile, make connections, and grow your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Here are 5 steps to leverage LinkedIn: 

  1. Be strategic with your brand – what’s your personal brand?
  2. Revamp your LinkedIn profile 
    1. Bonus tip: Leverage Creator Mode 
  3. Create engaging content
    1. Create video 
    2. Boost your engaging content
  4. Grow your connections and audience
  5. Monetize your brand 

Step 1: Your brand strategy: what’s your personal brand?

The first step in creating a personal branding strategy is to identify:

  • What’s your superpower or expertise?
  • Who you’re trying to reach and what they need?
  • Why LinkedIn?
  • Why you?

Ask yourself how your expertise can benefit your target audience, then determine the specific actions that will help accomplish this goal. If you’re reaching decision-makers and showcase your expertise, then LinkedIn is the best option for you to grow your brand. 

Struggling to develop your personal brand? Use the 7Vs framework. 

String Nguyen, the founder of The Trusted Voice, has used this to help professionals and experts to be authentic brands. She walked the path of growing her brand on LinkedIn and grew a following of 46,000 followers in 4 years. 

Step 2: Revamp your LinkedIn profile

Create your LinkedIn profile (keyword search, summary) – what to include in the about section, and how to create the perfect keyword-rich headline.

If Google is an index of information and how-to’s, then LinkedIn is an index of job titles. 

Bonus tip: Switch to Creator Mode and consider the 5 hashtags you want to be known for.

A benefit of Creator mode is that it switches your LinkedIn profile from being a resume to being a channel – it will help you grow your audience on LinkedIn. 

Step 3: Create engaging content 

It’s important to create content on LinkedIn that shows your brand and expertise. 

Create content like a content creator 

One way to make your content more engaging is by starting with what you’re good at! Good content creators use their ability to create catchy headlines and write captivating copy in order to get more followers on Twitter or Facebook. 

They also position themselves as an expert who offers solutions. The key is to create continual value. A common mistake that first-timers do is to only create content that promotes their events and business. 


Showcase your personality and expertise by using videos. 

Video is a trust accelerator. It is a great way to showcase your expertise and personality. Trust is established because video makes it easier for your ideal prospects to hear from you. 

Use polls to engage

Creating content means engaging with your audience. LinkedIn Polls are a great way for you to get feedback from them on what they think about something that is happening in the news or just puts their thoughts out there when it comes to an opinion. 

After creating content, you can boost your engagement even more by:

Responding to comments and messages on LinkedIn. If someone reaches out to you with a question or comment about what they just read in one of your posts, respond as quickly as possible so that they know their feedback is important to you! And when responding, ask for input; people love being heard and will be eager to engage further.


Step 4: Grow your LinkedIn connections and audience


Grow your network using the Advanced Search feature.

This is the most popular way to grow rapidly by connecting and networking with relevant people in your industry. 

After finding the most perfect target in your network, you’ll want to invite them to connect with a witty invitation. Make sure it’s personalized and has something that will appeal to their interest! Here are a few examples to write personalized messages to them. 

Grow your audience by giving them a reason to follow you.

Cater to your audience; do you know what your LinkedIn audience wants, likes, needs, and will benefit from?

The more you know about them, the more your content is engaging to them. With consistent content, your probability of audience will grow dramatically.

Step 5: Monetize your brand 

The biggest benefit of growing an audience and brand on LinkedIn is that you’re building multiple streams to monetize your expertise. 

Brand sponsorship 
Having a sizeable audience allows you to generate different incomes. 

For example, String offers sponsorship for her LinkedIn Newsletter, String Speed. There are over 22,000 subscribers filled with marketers and entrepreneurs wanting to grow their brand. 

If you’re a coach, an audience is filled with warm prospects who want to work with you. 


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