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7 Ways To Use LinkedIn to Land Speaking Gigs

Public speaking is a great path to develop while building your career. It doesn’t have to be your main career path, but a tool to assist you while building out your personal brand. 

You can go to universities and share your story on how you build your career. Or go on a panel and showcase your personality and credibility. Again, public speaking is a tool to build your personal brand. 

There are many benefits to go down the route of public speaking, it helps you: 

  • Advance your career.
  • Find and attract clients.
  • Grow your personal brand.
  • Seek opportunities beyond your network.
  • Boost your confidence. 
  • Build your credibility as an expert
  • Inspire people with your story.
  • Improve your communication skills. 
  • Create new social connections.
  • Develop critical thinking. 
  • Reach personal satisfaction.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • And more.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn are available at your disposal to jump-start your path to being a public speaker. You can optimize these social media platforms at its maximum so you can take advantage of their features to get the most out of it. 

You can use these social platforms to land yourself speaking opportunities.  

Here are 7 tips that you can do to maximize LinkedIn to land speaking gigs:

1. Add “Public Speaker” To Your Headline

If you want your connections to know that you are a public speaker, then you should introduce yourself as one. This type of question need not be asked as this should be already visible in your profile. What you do base on your credentials should show first thing in your profile to spark interest from your intended audience.

2. Use Magic Keywords,

Magic words are the keywords that trigger the search tool within LinkedIn. Just like Google, LinkedIn has its own search engine. Not only your headline should show that you are a public speaker, but that should also be consistent in your whole profile. That way, people who search for public speakers will be able to find your profile.

3. Spruce Up Your Summary

Let people know what kind of thoughts you have and what kind of public speaker you are. Organizers are looking for a public speaker with an interesting topic to share so whatever samples you will have in your profile should definitely be interesting or maybe something unique.

4. Build A Relationship With Organizer

Regardless if your an average public speaker or a credible one, building trust with the organizers of the event you want to hold your speech is very important. They should be able to trust that you can do the job that you are intended to so they will be able to book you again for another speaking gig.

5. Ask For Recommendations

This part is very important. Recommendations will serve as testimonials from the event organizers on how well did you do on your last gig. Always make it a habit to inform your organizers that you will send a recommendation request on LinkedIn. This way, you will know how well did you do and at the same time,  build your reputation.

6. Embed Speaking Video Reels

Video samples of you speaking through a video camera is a must. This will let your audience or your future clients know how you are as a public speaker and this will be your chance to showcase your talents and how good you are at speaking.

7. Blog Or Write About Your Speaking Engagements

After every speaking event, make it a point to write a story about it using a blog. Let your readers know what happened in the event to further promote yourself as a public speaker. It is an added factor if you can embed an actual video of you in motion.

Here’s an example, String wrote a backstory of her presentation on LinkedIn.

Regardless of what kind of stage you want to hold your speech on to, building your own reputation as a public speaker will take some time and hard work. Focus and persevere and you soon find out that your efforts are being paid off.

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