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24 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Stories Interesting

Stories have been making inroads in the marketing world. Likewise, small businesses and brands are following trends. 

Over 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. 

It’s not surprising that LinkedIn is pursuing its version of Stories. They too want to increase the retention and stickiness of the platform. 

To show how relevant LinkedIn Stories are, here are some Stories statistics you can’t ignore. 

  1. 2 out of 5 of Instagram’s 1 billion user-base post Stories daily.
  2. Instagram Stories has increased the amount of time spent on Instagram to more than 28 minutes.
  3. One-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories come from business accounts.
  4. 1 in 3 daily Instagrammers says they have become interested in a product they saw on Stories.
  5. 70% of Instagram Stories are watched with sound.

What can small businesses learn from creative creators?
How can you use Stories to stand out and build their audience?

24 Tips for Creating Engaging LinkedIn Stories 


1. Create an intriguing cover title.

Adding a cover would help introduce the topic of your stories. Just like a book cover, it grabs your viewer’s attention and pulls them into your stories. 

Set the tone and expectations for your Stories. Entice your viewers to tune in.

2. Tell a story.

Instead of being overly salesy or promotional, a compelling video tells a story.

Be emotive. People don’t buy into facts. People buy into the emotional connection that aligns with their values. Stories evoke emotions and appeal to the inner customers’ needs and desires.

3. Serve, don’t sell.

Again, it’s providing value.  Serve the best interests of people you want to impress. Provide insights to your industry, and when they are ready, they are likely to buy into your offering and services.

Serve first, then sell. 

4. Be relatable (and drop the professional mask) 

This may sound weird. But it’s cool to be slightly awkward. 

Being awkwardly authentic “Awkthentic” is what makes you relatable. 

Too polished and we seem out of each. 

Stories are tools to give your audience permission to reach out and connect with you.

5. Hook your viewers with a strong introduction. 

A little like how we are unlikely to click on an email if the subject line does not inspire us, an incredible one-fifth of viewers click off a video within 10 seconds if they’re not interested in what they see. 

With this in mind, the introduction of the video is vitally important. It should be inspiring, entertaining and informative, to hook the viewer and encourage them to view the whole of the video.

6. Mix up your content with photos and videos

Variety adds spice. Think of the ebb and flow of your LinkedIn Stories. Mix it up and with talking heads, behind the scenes, a moment of life. It can be a photo, videos or both. 

7. Make it vertical, not square, not landscape.

I know within seconds if the content is made for stories or not.

Viewers don’t want to waste their attention on recycled content; they want to see something original and refreshing.

Think about how to create a vertical video experience. 

8. Add a descriptive text into your LinkedIn stories. 

Remember, most watch their videos with no audio. That’s why adding a bit of text or a description of what you’re doing well give context. 

Think of a simple one-liner that adds a layer to your story. 

9. Do an unboxing of your product.

Share and promote your product! Christmas day is generally a happy day for most people. We associate unboxing of a gift to birthdays, anniversaries and special days. 

Create a memorable unboxing experience that entices people to tune in and buy.


10. Create a sense of exclusivity. 

Share special moments and insights, treat it like a clubhouse where you show behind the scenes. Don’t recycle existing content into stories; use it to make it feel special.

Make your audience feel like they are an insider, or share “first to hear the news” on your Stories.

11. Show behind the scenes of your business. 

Upload some “behind the scenes” look of your company and give the public a glimpse of the people you work with and the tools you use.

Create a video of you and your staff, or take a selfie during your lunch, try to make your customers part of your everyday moments, so they get to know you better.


12. Make everyday moments exciting.

Everyday mornings can be very exciting with Stories since we tend to upload more ‘in the moment’ content.

Treat these moments as unique. Because your moments are yours. Think about it; everyone has a different morning routine. I mean love a good coffee moment.

If you’re excited about sharing a moment, others will find it exciting too.


13. Highlight your product and service.

Here’s how to make the most out of those 20 secs:
Highlight your product and increase awareness of your brand: use this chance to show what your business and services can do for them.

14. Always add value. 

Just like effective video marketing, increase your value by providing educational information. 

Often videos that offer advice, information, tips and other informative content can be more effective than a solely promotional video.

15. Upload frequently to increase view.

You can also maintain your visibility by adding a story every 24hrs to stay on the top of the feed. 

The premium spot for the LinkedIn Stories is to be the first four.
To maintain visibility means that you need to keep adding a story every 12 hours so that you are on top of people’s feed.

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16. Add music to your stories.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Stories does not offer audio or sound, but adding background music will add tone and evoke a myriad of emotions. 

Adding music would give your Stories a mode and craft an exciting video.

If you want to add music, head over to Instagram Stories, then upload it to LinkedIn Stories. 

17. Use video content generated by customers.

Putting your customers behind the camera to talk about how they have used and benefited from your product. 

This can be a powerful way to engage viewers and appeal to prospective customers.

18. Use stickers to your LinkedIn stories.

LinkedIn Stories stickers are a perfect way to make your content more enjoyable and fun and make it more entertaining for your audience.

So they will help you increase your engagement rate, and thus expand your LinkedIn page.


19. Recycle your Instagram Stories or TikTok for your LinkedIn Stories. 

Being that LinkedIn Stories is still in its infancy stages. Use and recycle your Instagram stories or TikTok, and upload them to LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn stories will be winning, as the intention of the platform is to increase engagement. Don’t be afraid to recycle relevant content to LinkedIn Stories.


20. Speak with clarity. 

Words spoken with clarity and professionalism will always come out better in a corporate video than an amateur speaker, whose lack of experience speaking on the camera is evident. 

With this in mind, it might be a good idea to have an employee who has experience in speaking in front of the camera record for the video or even think about calling in a professional.

21. Build relationships.

Viewers are watching and are giving you their time and attention. Increase your relationship factor by the number of messages you engage beyond your Stories. 

Stories are giving your viewers to connect with you. And they are likely to engage with your stories if they can message you to share their thoughts and opinions. 

22. Pose questions.

Strive to create engagement and conversation with your video by asking viewers questions. Ask viewers to leave answers to the questions in a comment section below the video.

23. Progress over perfection.

Videos for marketing purposes aren’t Hollywood movies, and nobody expects perfection. 

While you want the video to look professional, don’t become too obsessed with perfection that on the 50th take, you still haven’t got it right.

24. Include a Call-To-Action.

Similar to all blog posts and content, your Linkedin Stories should have a call to action at the end. A Call-To-Action invites the reader to take further steps, such as signing up to a newsletter, or visiting a website, so too should a marketing video. 

Ask yourself, what do you want viewers to do when they’ve watched the video and then encourage them to do so without being overtly salesy.


Linkedin Stories provides a perfect way to incorporate more ‘in the moment’ content than your daily posts and lets the followers get to know you better. You can conveniently use this tool to provide a behind the scenes look of your company, reveal an upgrade, advertise a new product, or even share new material that you intend to post.

It’s about getting to know you better. 

Make the most of LinkedIn Stories.

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