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14 ways to create content that gets you attention


Have you ever heard the phrase “content is king”. Creating content is now a necessity for successful digital marketing of your brand. It is a way to set yourself apart from the competitors. Valuable and relevant content that really connects with your audience can play a key role in becoming one of the leading brands. You may still be confused about how to create high quality content ? Here are a few tips to create content that grab the attention of your audience.

1. Inspiration from other brands

Your best ideas are usually generated from outside your own head. By getting inspiration from external sources and combining it with your own critical thinking may help in creating unique content relevant to the audience you want to target.

2. Keep your audience

It’s necessary that the content you create interests your audience and grabs their attention. The only way this can be done is by getting to know and understanding your audience. Try to find who is following and viewing your content through surveys and questionnaires – this will give you a better understanding of what your content should be like.

3. Time management & scheduling

Create a content creation schedule. Start as early as possible and try to complete the content ahead of the scheduled time. Try to reduce distractions as much as you can so that you can focus on creating the desired content. 

4. Group brainstorming

To create proficient content and content that features expertise – it is better to collect ideas from your audience or other interesting people. This can be done by Interviewing your team members, connecting with your customers and audience, and doing some research.

5. Play your strengths

Everyone has their own unique style and persona. Try to understand what your style is that you find comfortable working in, and that works for you. Your own style is what separates your content from others and makes it seem unique and different.

6. Innovate content

Be bold and daring and bring some innovation to your content. Don’t just instinctively reach out to the same ideas and formulas, but bring some innovation in your content creation. If you are following a text-heavy content strategy then bring in some more graphics and visuals. 

7. Commercial value of content

Start viewing and thinking about your content from a more strategic view. Consider the role of your content as the center of your business. Invest and approach content creation just like you would invest in any other business activity. Keep track of your content analytics and metrics to know the potential of your business.

8. Reduce, rework & repurpose

Same your time and effort by using the principle of content recycling. Repurpose content within your organization by updating your best-performing content to the current year and expanding your content to multiple channels. In short, use the resources on hand to create engaging content.

9. Value of content

Some content creators focus too much on the quality of their content that they forget to prioritize its value. Make sure your content is not only visually attractive but is also useful to your target audience and will cause them to keep coming back for your knowledge and expertise.

10. Be current

Content creators should be very knowledgeable and up-to-date on the current trends and facets of their industry. Your audience might be more interested in content that is related to the current industry innovations, regulations, opportunities, and day-to-day threats.

11. Ask your audience

Sometimes content creators tend to be in a rut and you have no idea what blog post you’re going to write next. In cases like these, ask your audience what they would like to see. This feedback is the best you can ever get, and it will help you to create extremely successful content because if one person wants to see something, there is a high likelihood that someone else out there wants to see it as well. So listen to your audience and take their ideas seriously.

12. Keyword research

If you have an idea on a YouTube video but you’re not sure if it’s actually worth creating, perform a YouTube search. You’ll be able to see if other content creators have created similar videos and how many views they generated. On the other hand, if not a lot of people have created videos on the topic you’re thinking of, this could be a big opportunity for you to stand out and do something different.

13. Make your audience feel important

Your audience is more likely to stick around if you make them feel involved in your brand. Make them feel important by asking questions. They could range from what content they would like to see next to responding to their messages and comments personally. Make every member of your audience feel as though they matter to you.

14. Give back

This is just another way to make your audience feel special and it’s to give back to them. If someone tags you in an Instagram story or a comment, and it’s something that’s worthy of sharing, share it! And don’t forget to tag them back. This won’t take more than a second of your time and it won’t cost you anything. Giving back is more than just a simple share though, you want to make sure that you are thanking your audience for being a part of your journey and helping you to grow. Giveaways could also be a great idea to grow and keep your audience engaged.

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